Review: Rich Eyelash Extension @ Pink Passion, Sunway Mas

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hello dearies, I just did an Eyelash Extension at Pink Passion  It's my first time and I was really nervous to do it, I had a million questions running through my mind but luckily Pink Passion was there to answer all of them.

For newbies like me, I hope this post can answer all your questions and clear your doubts about Eyelash Extensions. Before all this, I really admire girls that does Eyelash Extension because I was afraid that my eyelashes will fall off with all the extensions, that's really scary right? Well, that's not true.
Yea this is what I call a zombie face, I have thin eyeliner on and no contacts.
Pink Passion has been operating for 6-7 years and they specialize in Silk and Rich Lash Extension. They also have funky coloured lash extension! The Silk Lash are lighter and have a natural effect while Rich Lash are all about the volume. Rich Lash Extension can last longer than Silk Lash, about approximately 1 & half months to 2 months.
A nice waiting area inside and outside, they are boyfriend-friendly!
Comfortable bed to rest on while having your treatments!
Pink Passion uses high quality imported eyelashes and eyelash glue from Korea, so the lashes are more light-weighted compare to others and more longer lasting! You just have to close your eyes and the beautician will do her magic on your eyelash!

There are 3 lengths of extension but the beautician will advise according to personal preference and shape of your eye. You can discuss with them, and they are really friendly!
This is my before picture, please excuse my bad complexion!

In the first few days, it may be a bit uncomfortable because you will feel some weight and irritation but that's normal.

I saved so much time getting ready in the morning and going out because I don't have to make up or whatsoever. I look more awake in the morning now with my eyelash extension, I don't have to go morning class with my zombie look anymore. My classmates are amazed that I can do my make up so early in the morning, they didn't know that it was Eyelash Extension.

I’ve been wearing for almost 2 week already and my right eye did break into 3 parts for the first three days because I slept on my right side. Luckily Pink Passion have a 7 days policy where you can go back to touch up for FREE!

Before & After
Big difference isn't it?
Happy Girls with Pretty Eyelashes! 
They also did Eyelash Extension for many local celebrities so no worries and have trust in them :D 

x x x
For my readers, Pink Passion is having a promotion for Rich Lash Extension
RM 88 (N/P RM 228)
*Do call and make an appointment before you visit them!
Print this out or just show them this E-Voucher from your smart phone.

Pink Passion 
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