Review: L’Occitane Iris Angelica Sublime Skin Serum and BB Cream + Giveaway

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Today I have a solution to a achieve a flawless baby skin  I present you L'OCCITANE's new skincare line which just came to town!

Last year, I had really bad skin which I mentioned in my Gamila Secret review. I was really happy that this year it improved a lot, but I am still not satisfied with it(not flawless enough)! I am so excited to share this because L'OCCITANE's new skin line is truly amazing, you gotta have it :D

The new daily skinare products from L'OCCITANE comes with the extracts of Organic Iris and Angelica, it offers every woman the freedom to walk out the house with flawless nude skin! All it takes is only a few steps a day to achieve it, can you believe it??
With this perfect duo, Combined, 96% of women found the products immediately enhanced the beauty of their skin. And I have to say, I agree with them!

Both products have a very mild natural floral scent and it comes in pearly iridescent packaging rather than the standard green ones. It's really pretty in purple and white, I prefer this than the other normal series
Sublime Essence, 30ML; RM195

Directions: Apply every morning before your moisturiser/make up, it works best with the Sublime Beauty Cream for that natural perfect skin.

My Opinion: This skin perfecting serum is silicon free, it helps to correct my skin irregularities and reduce redness! It also leaves a velvety feel and shrinks my skin pores, disguising all imperfections yet at the same time moisturising it. My skin feels so cooling and my complexion looks fresher! This essence makes a great base for makeup too.

I really did not put on any make up, this is my just-wake-up face with contacts on, I didn't even fix my eyelids :'(
As you can see, I have dark eye circles which can't be solved without concealer.
 x x x

Sublime Beauty Cream, 40ML; RM135
Available in two shades, Light and Medium

Directions: Apply the Beauty Cream after the Sublime essence for a flawless perfection.

My Opinion: This BB cream not only gives the skin a prefect & flawless finish, it also provides a SPF30 sun protection. Unlike other BB creams in the market, which only provides SPF15 or SPF20, in my opinion we need more protection cause we live in Malaysia! This beauty cream is not really oily and sticky too, I am not a big fan of BB creams but I can accept this one.

Closer look of my face, flawless isn't it?? 
Overall, I think that it's really good that I can achieve flawless skin in just 2 steps. The products also improves my skin condition immediately and gives a long lasting result. The price is steep for some of us but it's really worth it. The only drawback is that the beauty cream only come in two shades which would not be suitable for everybody :'( I wish they could create more shades!

**This product will be available at all L’Occitane Boutique nationwide starting from 1st July

By the way, I'm giving away Two full size L'OCCITANE Sublime Beauty Cream in (worth RM270) to my lovelies, all you have to do is follow a few steps below and you stand a chance to win it, good luck

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