Japanese Snack: Hello Kitty Chocolate Mochi Review

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ohaiyo, I'm going to do another Japanese snack review because my Tokyo Banana review received so many feedbacks  Thank you guys, arigato gozaimasu!

If you followed me on my Instagram, you would have already seen this picture! My god brother went to Japan for a holiday and I demand souvenirs from him. I didn't expect so many items, but he very sayang me so keep buying me cute souvenirs and this time it's my favourite Hello Kitty.
So touched 

I didn't want to eat this at all but it's going to expired soon so I force myself to open it. It's a Hello Kitty Mount Fuji Edition Chocolate Mochi! He told me he bought it from there during his visit to Mount Fuji so I guess it's only available around that area.

Expiry date almost 1 month after I received it, can last longer compared to Toyko Banana.
I notice Japanese always pack their products in boxes then paper to wrap it. Unlike Malaysia and other countries, we often use plastic bags for most of our products, I think paper is more eco friendly though!

Comes with a Hello Kitty Toothpick!
A box of 10 small Mochi

The only thing that is Hello Kitty is the toothpick and the packaging :'( I was hoping for a Hello Kitty print or shape, but it's still so cute isn't it? The Mochi is quite soft but still bouncy, and it's not that sweet. They use cocoa powder to cover it and it's quite bitter and yet sweet. I'm a dark chocolate fan so I love it! It's just nice for me :)

Will I repurchase? YES!

Price: Not sure but I bet it's quite pricy.

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