Personal: My thoughts on GE13

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I guess everyone is kinda upset about the recent General Election now, we are all going through a down period. I don't really know about politics but all I ever wanted is a fair, clean and peaceful country for all of us. After 5.5.13, I was really disappointed with some politicians and even my own friend.

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you would know that I posted a status yesterday night about my ex schoolmate. After the upsetting results, most of us expressed our rants, disappointment and dissatisfaction on Facebook. It was then my ex schoolmate posted a status asking "us" to shut up, leave Malaysia and go back to our own country :'(

I am borned & raised in Malaysia and so is both of my parents, I don't think of any country as my homeland besides Malaysia. I really do respect the rights of certain race and I have no problem with that. I have never thought of taking away any of those rights as well. But why they want to make a racist statement like that? Do you feel better and much superior after that? I wonder.

I respect your rights and freedom to choose and support any party but please do not act so shallow and do respect other's freedom of rights and speech as well.

I am not against any party, I am against all the wrong doings made by those selfish people. My only wish is to have a better country for all races, religion and ethnic. I really do not care who is our Prime Minister as long as we, the citizens of Malaysia can prosper, improve and live as one nation. Don't you guys agree with me? All the corruption, dirty tactics and money laundering won't do any good to the citizens, the rich will be richer and the poor will stay poor. We have to think for our future and the next generation! The only people who benefit from all this are those who are in power, how much money they put in their account before distributing to the people? Think about it.

To those to fail in GE13, we will have to work harder for GE14! I know life is unfair but we need to move on and make the best of everything. By GE14, the 90s generation can exercise our voting rights and make the right choices. We can't give up now!!

United we stand, divided we fall.

Thank you to those who exercised your voting rights no matter it was rain or shine,
Thank you to those who played fair and bring justice to the people,
Thank you to those who made all of us believe in ourselves and unite,
Thank you to those who defend our rights as citizens of Malaysia,
Thank you allI am proud to be a Malaysian.

PS: Sorry I am not a good writer, these are my personal thoughts.

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