A mother's love

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Taking a break from my studies to blog about a late mother's day shoutout! Yes, I'm 2 days late :D

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers 
My mother did not gave up on her children during the darkest days of her life. Despite having to go through so much pain, she took up the courage and strength to bring us up. My mother was the one who taught me to be strong and independent on my own. I'm blessed to have a mother who loves her children more than she loves herself and that will never change. That's called unconditional love.

I love you, mum.

x x x 

 Do watch Joseph Germani & Karena Cheow's latest video featuring me and my phone! 
I know it's cute :p

Sorry if I sounded weird, I was focusing too much on Instagram so I was blabbing my way in that video :D It's my first time acting in a video but I wasn't that nervous because I was comfortable around them. We really had fun doing that video! They were so nice & patient, they didn't rush me at all. Don't forget to subscribe to their channel, I'm a big big fan of their videos! They are so talented peeps! 

Thank you for giving me a chance to be featured in your video !

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