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Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Sunday  I'm a big fan of having afternoon tea, the thought of sipping tea and indulging in tea time treats makes me really happy! Sadly as Malaysians, we do not have the culture of having a tea party, thus I've never been to a tea party :'(

I think the only tea party I've had is something like this...
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I don't think I'm the only girl who have done this right?
I am now a happy girl because Bag Of Love will be collaborating with Delectable by Su in organizing a tea party! I'm a big fan of Bag Of Love (I blogged about the March edition here!) and I can't wait to unbox the April edition. 

Bag Of Love is definitely one of my favourite beauty box"bag" brand and they did a good job in giving me a surprise on the March edition! It will be great to be able to witness the expression of others when we unbox the April edition as well! We can all share our thoughts and go cray cray on the items inside!

I really hope I will be able to join this tea party, I can't even describe the excitement inside of me right now! This is a few pictures of my imagination...

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Adding this because the theme is green?
And not to forget, the great little treats from Delectable by Su! They make the best treats/desserts in town and they are all very very cute as well ♥ I still remember my first Delectable Treats which is "7 sins of chocolate", it was heavenly good. Please do remember to try it out!

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Beauty Products, Yummy Pastries, Great people around.
I really hope that I will be chosen to attend this exclusive event *fingers crossed*! I am looking forward to be in it! :)

This event was brought to you by The Butterfly Project, they are a great team of people working hard to create opportunities for all the beauty bloggers in Malaysia! If you are a blogger, do join them! 

Bag of Love

Delectable by Su

Note: This project is open to Malaysian Bloggers only.

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