HK Station Sungei Wang x My Favourite Look Contest

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Everyone knows the best shopping malls are in KL city centre but do you know Sungai Wang 6th floor has transformed to Hong Kong station now?! We don't have to go Hong Kong to shop for good deals, we can do it locally at the HK Station in Sungai Wang Plaza 

I was invited with a bunch of pretty bloggers to enjoy the Hong Kong shopping experience in Sungai Wang Plaza. We were each given shopping vouchers to pick up some of our favourite items there. I must say that I love shopping in Sungai Wang, the clothing are affordable and you can find a lot of interesting items there! Some items are even cheaper then blogshops or online boutique, you can even try it on and feel the material. 

Bart Simpson denim shirt (Stylenanda Inspired)
Angeline & Simone (Owner of La'Simone)

Lips Clothing
Before I show you what I bought with RM200, I want to explain the My Favourite Look contest & how you can stand a chance to win RM100 worth of shopping voucher! All you have to do is click here, register and vote for your favourite look (ME :D), you can vote for 5 looks! Every week between 23th March to 23th April, Sungai Wang will pick a lucky winner to win some shopping vouchers.

All the outfits put together by the bloggers in the contest was only worth RM200 or less! *jaws wide open* 

Please do vote for the fat aunty in red skirt!! LOL 
My face is really round so without hair coverage that's why it's so round here!

My top is from Sam'09, I love the pastel colours which is suitable for spring'13 :)
Behind the Scenes:

Why can't my face be so small in photoshoots T^T

With Sunshine Kelly :)

How I spent my RM200:

Leather Jacket, Sungai Wang / Stylenanda Inspired Wolf Top, Sungai Wang / Magenta Velvet Skirt, Sam'90 Sungai Wang / H&M boots 

I bought the Wolf Top, Magenta Velvet Skirt and Pastel sweater from this shopping spree. The wolf top's quality is really good and Stylenanda is selling it for USD30+ !! You can purchase it for half the price in HK station, Sungai Wang!

What are you waiting for?? 
Go splurge in HK station in Sungai Wang Plaza now! :)

** You can catch the lifts from the yellow zone or orange zone to go straight up to HK station!

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