Star Trek Exhibition @ National Science Centre

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Greetings my beloved humans! Last week, I went to the Star Trek Exhibition with my darling Angeline and the other bloggers. Thank you Emily for the invites! ♥ It was such a fun trip there because the last time I visited the national science centre was 10 years ago? :/ It's time to bring back some memories.

Any Star Trek fans out here? You MUST visit the first ever Star Trek Exhibition in Malaysia! :)  This official exhibition showcases a lot of props, costumes, models and even replica sets from the entire Star Trek franchise covering 5 television series and 11 movies. All of this awesome items are brought all the way from North America to Malaysia and they will be here until the end of March 2013! If you missed this chance, you need to go to Taiwan as they will be there for the next stop.

The exhibition stated that no photography is allowed, but we were invited so I can spare a few pictures of the showcase right? Heh :)

**Warning: If you don't want spoilers, please view the next 5 pictures then skip everything :p

Love the natural sunlight 

Fat cat jump shot infront of the main entrance *meow*

Mr Spock's Sign " Live long and prosper!"

You can actually control the lights!!! :p
This actually reminds me  a scene from one of my favourite tv series "The Big Bang Theory" 

Ever wonder what does Starships in Nicki Minaj's lyrics "Starships are mean't to fly" meant?
This is a Starship LOL

Fluffy space animal !

Malaysians can't live without Chicken Biryani and Rendang
Koreans can't live without Kimchi.
Space Pads 
My shoe belong here 

Met a group of Star Trek fans outside all dressed up in their Star Trek costumes. 
The entrance fees only cost RM20 for adults and you get to have so much fun inside, it's super worth it right? You may visit the Official Website for more information :)

x x x

A new Star trek Movie is coming soon in May 2013 which is the "Star Trek Into Darkness", the sequel to 2009's reboot movie. Don't forget to watch it on the big screens :)

&& Thank you Emily again for all this :)
Military Top from Sungai Wang / Forever21 white top / Topshop Jamie jeans /  DIY galaxy kicks
National Science Centre
Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation
Persiaran Bukit Kiara
50662 Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur


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