My not-so-new year resolution.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm back to my hectic college life, ACCA is not a joke, it's really tough and it requires not your time but your life. I really mean it, but there's no looking backwards, this is what I chose for my future. I'm going to work hard :D

Anyway, my 2013 new year resolution is really simple and I'm hoping to achieve it.
1. Earning more cash
2. Getting rid of my biggest love - Mr. Procrastinate.
3. Blog more often 
4. Be more healthy and fit.
5. Be happier !

I think year 2012 was really good for me. Looking back I really achieve a lot of goals and I've learn to grow so much in life. I'm so thankful for all the chances given to me and the people who were there to guild me through stages of my life.

#1 Getting an official office job as a Audit Junior in an audit firm.

#2 Getting into college finally!! *throws ugly school uniform away*

#3 Starting my blog once again and was invited to many exclusive events

#4 Winning so many giveaways ; My first coach wallet, My first H&M bikini, Movie tickets etc etc

#5 Did so many hair makeovers, from brown to brown dipdyed purple to dark red

I'm hoping for a better 2013!!

x x x

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Have a nice day, I promise there will be another update this week :)

xox, c

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