Food @ Ikea, Ikano Power Centre

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello, talking about food at Ikea makes me really hungry! I'm typing this at 12 midnight and wondering when will I ever be back at Ikea to enjoy the wonderful meal :)

I guess most of the people will know that you can't missed the chance of eating at Ikea if you're around that area. I'm quite deeply in love with their signature meatballs, the juicy meatballs covered in gravy and jam. YUMS :D

Daily special
Deep fried chicken with fries
Not really good special after all, kinda hard to eat for me.

Poached Salmon with Chives Sauce
I'm not a big fan of this sauce, turns me off :p 
Swedish Meatballs (Beef) 
Must eat must eat must eat *chants* 

Dark chocolate Almond cake
It's really good :)
Chicken Wings 
This picture looks really weird :/ I find that the wings are okay only!
I took the pictures quite long ago with my babyCanon so the quality is really sucky :/ The last three is with babynexy so that explains why it looks better compared to others. I have a lot of backlog post, I need to learn not to procrastinate already! *2013 resolution*

I hope you guys enjoy this short post :) I really love going to dine in Ikea, can't wait for the next time! *jumps around*

xox, c

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