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Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Christmas soon, a time for love and sharing. That's why I'm about to share something good with you guys, & it's absolutely FREE ! Pnp are being too generous, they are doing good deeds for everybody! You can send free Christmas cards to your loved ones and even yourself! It's such a old fashion thing to send cards now but I would love to receive one myself. Nothing beats finding your letter in the mail box, excluding junks you get. Since everyone is sending E-cards, why don't we do the old way? That would be really special! 
"  The Send A Card pack includes:
     1)  Christmas Card x1
     2)  RM30 Gift Card x1                                  "
You just have to fill in some details, message and VOILA!! It's done :D ; For more information : Click here !

Pink N Proper also brought in many gorgeous piece from UK for this holiday season. The dresses are unique and rare, I bet you can't find any here! It's suitable for a Christmas party or a year end ball :)

Price range from RM100-RM200

♥ ♥ ♥ 

One of my favourite piece, ASOS peplum dress with cut out back ; RM99

With the RM30 gift card, you can get these dresses in such a good price! No reason to hold back the urge to splurge right? *wink* It's affordable and the quality is top notch! You can hint your loved ones by sending them a gift card so they can get your something from Pnp as well ! ;)

In addition, Pnp are giving away a free H&M Hello Kitty Vanity Case for any purchase above RM150!! Hurry because these free gifts are limited ! You don't want to miss the chance ;)

Log on to now & Shop for the perfect christmas gift 

xox, c

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