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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Last sunday, we were watching 8tv's food program "Ho Chak" and they introduced this restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong. This restaurant have 19 years of experience in the food business, they are originated from Ipoh. We haven't taken our dinner yet, so might as well go try it out :)

We arrive at 7 something, there are a lot of parking available right infront of the restaurant. This place is just right next to V1 Concept and it is packed with people. We quickly got our seats and ordered the few that was recommended during the food program.

They have two floors, we ate at the ground floor.

The place is crowded, *I screwed up my camera settings :( *

People waiting for their turn to have dinner.

We waited 25 minutes for the food to arrive, I wasn't satisfied with the cooking period since we ordered the normal dishes. Y TAKE SO LONG TO FRY SOME VEGETABLES? :'( As we waited, the line outside the restaurant increases, many people are waiting for their turn. Some have been standing more than 20 minutes to have their seat. I was wondering what so good about this place huh?

Signature Stir-Fried Chicken
The picture in the menu looks very welcoming, I find it tasteless, chicken meat too harsh :(
RM10-RM22 depending on the size.
Steamed toufu with egg
This one is really special, a mixture of toufu on top and steamed egg below. *nice*
RM15 standard size
Stir-fried brinjal/eggplant with salted fish
Taste real good, not very salty, one of the best dish *recommended*

Signature asam curry fish head
One of their signature dish that wasn't that nice, the aroma is strong but it's kinda tastless when you eat.
I love spicy food but I did not eat this a lot, in fact we did not finish it. *thumbs down*
My opinion is this place is in the "okay" category, not as great as was recommended in the food program. I actually felt cheated, their house specialities wasn't that nice, maybe it's the weekend and they have to rush their cooking cause too many people. I have no idea until I try them on weekdays :)

I would advise those who are interested to go there earlier if you do not want wait outside. The prices are reasonable as well, they even have set lunch menu on weekdays !

Rating: 5/10
Prices: Reasonable
Parking: Convenient

 Restaurant Sin Hup Kee
64, Jalan Puteri 2/4,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Call: 03-80639498

xox, c

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