Project 02 ; DIY Tribal Shirt

Friday, July 13, 2012

No make up face therefore I look like a ghost with my long fringe :)

Prints are back again! I was doing a search and I found a lot of gorgeous tribal printed shirt on Pinterest. So I decided to do a DIY tribal shirt :) I found a tutorial from Sweet Verbena that I love so much, you guys can follow hers as well!

Things to prepare:
Acrylic paint - Any 3 colours you prefer !
Plain Shirt/ Old shirt/Tote bag - Any colour
Fabric Medium
Tribal Shapes - Part 1 & Part 2

First, place the shapes anywhere you desire and secure it so it would not run.

Now for the paint, mix 2 portions of Fabric medium to one portion of Acrylic paint together, this is to prevent the paint from cracking (Tip: this is important!), I bought mine at The Gardens' Art Friend. Next, put a cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the paint from seeping through the shirt. Using the sponge, just dap the colour on the paper to form the pattern. Repeat this step for the whole shirt and your own tribal shirt is done !

Lastly, put your tribal shirt outside to dry for 24 hours. After all that, wash it gently and iron it from the inside. Then you can go show off your own DIY tribal shirt <3

That's my ugly garden, my shirt is enjoying the sun! Hahahaa!

Next post: Korean food !!

xox, c

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