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Friday, December 9, 2016

Unagi & Japan - two words that definitely catches my attention.
There was a post going around Facebook promoting a new Japanese place selling Grilled Premium Organic Unagi, raised and imported from Japan. As a big fan of Unagi, I had to try out this place!

I had a hard time looking for this place, but turns out it was situated where Shucked used to be, inside Ben's grocer. Shucked shifted a little forward to make way for Tsukijiya.

Upon from hearing the name - Tsukijiya, I had high hopes for this bento. Tsukiji is one of the world's largest fish markets, selling the freshest marine products. I visited this market last year and had one of the most life-changing meals.

They do sell a variety of pre-made affordable sushi rolls and also unagi for takeaway. They also have a small in-house menu for dine in. They only have a few tables available but you can sit at the tables nearby and order food from Ben's or Shucked.

Chicken Karaage | RM15

Super juicy and crispy, just how I like my fried chicken to be. It was really good and I definitely recommend ordering this to try!

Bara Chirashi Don | RM24
Comes with Miso Soup

Surprisingly I love this more than the Unagi Don, it is a mixture of chopped tamago, salmon, unagi, and tons of different sashimi. They were very generous with their topping and the rice is really soft, fluffy, so perfect!

I really love this don and will come back just to eat this.

Japanese Premium Unagi Don | RM128
Comes with Miso Soup

The main highlight of this visit, I didn't do much research about this place, I didn't know the price at all. I was shocked. RM128? It better be good right?

The Unagi was really meaty but too "fishy"(鲜味) for me. It was grilled perfectly, boneless and they were really generous with the amount of Unagi. However, I had better Unagi for cheaper price in KL. The price is too steep, so I won't be ordering this again.

People told me that once you have visited Japan, your taste of Japanese food will be much higher. Maybe I do have high standards, the food here is not at it's best. I'm very disappointed at their service though, maybe they are new, but we were the only table there and they took a very long time to serve these. Moreover, I'm happy to add this place to one of my favourite Japanese place in KL.

Disclaimer: Pictures were taken with iPhone 7 Plus, the lighting was low, so the pictures are kind of grainy. 

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