Smells like Flowers (Brought to you by Gucci)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer is almost here, I can literally feel the heat coming. Well, who am I kidding, Malaysia has Summer all year long. But seriously, jokes aside, don't you feel like it's getting even hotter right now?

So, are you ready for the summer yet? Have you got your Summer looks on? Here are some tips on how to be as pretty as a flower!

Step 1: Dye your hair with crazy colours, inspired by flowers.

I just did a hair makeover, and it's inspired by the colours of the morning glory. I'm digging the blue with hints of purple and green highlights.

Step 2: Shop for the ultimate summer looks

Summer is all about the gorgeous floral prints and bright colours! You definitely can't go wrong with these babies, especially that bright lip colour!

Step 3: Get your floral scent on!

Gucci has launched Flora Anniversary Edition, a new fragrance for women. Flora Anniversary Edition is a flanker to 2009′s Gucci Flora, and it celebrates the anniversary of that scent's inspiration, the “iconic floral print Flora”, first used on a Gucci scarf in 1966.

The heart base of the perfume is still the same but the new element of Rose and Osmanthus creates a resonant essence in this new fragrance. When it is interlaced with a Peony accord, the contrasting elements of the Rose signature is amplified, creating a deep floralcy and the natural airy and petal-like character. Whereas, the Rose signature meets Osmanthus' complex facets, drawing out its apricot-like freshness, exoticism and creaminess.

The bottom of the glass bottle is decorated with beautiful, loud and colourful inspiration of the “iconic floral print Flora” scraf. They are reflected within the flacon's hexagon shape. These bright, glossy blooms also embellish the scent's outer carton.

With all these tips, you will be rocking the summer with feminine yet trendy style!

For more information, please visit Gucci's Official YouTube page.

Disclaimer: This post has been brought to you by Gucci, but all thoughts and opinions are independently my own.

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