Haul: Good Quality RM5.90 Lipstick Holder

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm serious, this is not an April Fool joke. I was browsing through Mr. DIY one day and I found these awesome plastic cosmetic organizers for less than RM20! The best thing is one of them, the lipstick holder is only RM5.90.

My iPhone was dead, I couldn't decide what to buy. I couldn't take pictures. Since it was RM5.90, I just went and bought it without thinking twice.

It is quite small but it fits perfectly on top of my MUJI acrylic drawers with my perfumes. I just randomly fit in 9 lipsticks to try it out.

The quality is not some cheapo plastic containers, it is seriously worth more than what you are paying for. The downside is there is no elevated platform in this holder, so you need to find taller lip products to fit in. Aside of that, this holder is perfect!

The best part is, Mr. DIY is absorbing the 6% GST so there will not be a change in price! They are many other organizers available, and they are all below RM20! Hurry up and go stock up nao 

Where is the nearest Mr.DIY store? Click here for store locator.

Happy Shopping !

With love, 

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