Update: 2 Months after my DST double eyelid procedure

Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's been two months after my Double Eyelid Procedure and I'm still in love with my eyelids. I still amazed at them every single time I look at myself in the mirror. Vain much? This is my update on my DST double eyelid procedure I did on November 1st, 2014, one of the best decision I've made in my life. Very life changing indeed.

The reason I'm back to share again is that my previous blog post stopped on Day 7 and I've been getting emails on an update as few of them are still on the fence about this procedure. I hope this post is able to give you guys more confidence to do this procedure.

Here's the pictures of my eyes after 2 months, without make up or whatsoever. Please do note that I have puffy lids and loose skin before the procedure. Regarding loose skin, this is a non-incision procedure so it will still be there but I will have a deeper double eyelid as compared to my previous ones.

My right eye has a small dot on the front, I explained the reason for it's existance below.

How long it took for your eyelids to recover?
Up to the day 7 in the first blog post, the puffiness is almost fully gone. However, the bruise was still there, I still feel it when I apply pressure on my eyelids. It was gone after 2 weeks and my eyes was exactly how it is now(Picture Above). I didn't ask for high crease, so that they are very natural even without any make up.

Is there any changes after fully recover?
Up to day 7, my eyes were very natural already. Do note that after 2-3 weeks, your real crease will appear as the puffiness is fully gone. So it won't be as high as the 1st week of procedure.

Is there any protruding suture, visible scar?
I cannot agree that there wouldn't be any visible scars but it is very minimal. You really need to look closely to see it. I do have one on my right eye which is kind of noticeable, this is because Dr David sew a bigger one higher on top to make my tapered eyelid to a parallel eyelid as requested by me. Initially, he say it was impossible for me to have parallel eyelids unless a surgery but I have them now! Thanks Dr David 

What you cannot do to your eyes after this procedure?
The first few weeks after my procedure, I do not dare to rub my eyes as I'm afraid I will break the suture. It is not advisable to rub your eyes but if you really need to, do it very lightly and gently. Please do handle your eyelids very carefully after this procedure, you do not want to bid goodbye to your new eyelids.

However, I am a very rough person. After 1 month, I find myself rubbing my eyes vigorously. This is a bad habit that I need to get rid of. Even without surgery, it is NOT advisable to rub your eyelids as they may are harmful for your eyes. Remember them!

How do you feel after this procedure?
Nothing more than happiness lol. I don't feel anything in/on/at my eyes. It's like it's not even there! No, there is no constant pulling on your eyelids and there is nothing rubbing/poking against your eyeballs.

Do you have any regrets about it?
No, this is one of the best decision I ever made in 22 years of my life. I will definitely recommend others to do it as well! If you do not want to regret yours, please find the right doctor and make sure you have complete understanding about this procedure before starting it.

Where did you did yours?
I talk about the clinic but there are still people asking me. I did mine with Dr David at ME Aesthetic Clinic in Berjaya Times Square(ME Clinic). There are many clinics in KL but I really like Dr David, and I didn't make the wrong decisions after all. Go and consult him if you are interested! It's free if you mention [CAROLYNTAY].

Lastly, I'm thankful that I've been receiving compliments about having the most well-explained blog post on the procedure. I'm really happy I'm able to help others and guide them with my own experience.

Thank you, for those sweet and encouraging words, I am more confidence and thrive to give my best.

After reading both the post and you find yourself in doubt, do not afraid to contact me at carolyntayx@gmail.com for more personal questions/advices. I will try my best to help you out :)

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