Review: Korea's Milkcow Ice Cream @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Monday, December 22, 2014

Annyeong  Recently, I saw many updates on Instagram about Korea's Milkcow Soft Ice Cream. I definitely have to try it so I made a visit to The Gardens last saturday. Let me warn you first that it is going to be a long wait, especially on weekends!

I made my first try at 3.00 p.m. and the line was too long. I figured that I could come back later right before they close. Fortunately while shopping around The Gardens, I took a peek and saw that is was a shorter line this time so I quickly rush down to line up. I was really lucky because the line build up after I queued up, and I needed to wait 10-15 minutes in line till it was my turn.

The ice cream wasn't cheap, they cost RM8-RM13 per cup.
They claimed that it is using organic milk and honey so I think it is quite worth it.

I ordered the ice creams and I still need to wait another 5 minutes for my ice cream after paying.

They also have these good looking macaroons!
They have varieties of flavors and it retails for RM3.50 each.

Finally got my ice cream, I was really looking forward to it. After taking a bite, I finally understand why it is different from normal ice cream. This is definitely more salty and smells like fresh cow milk, I really love it.

 Milky Cube RM13
Comes with natural honey comb and honey drizzle on top
This is definitely my favourite among what I ordered. I love how the honey complements the soft ice cream and it is just the right amount of sweetness. However, the natural honey comb will stick to your teeth and it will have a weird wax taste at the end.

Black Pearl RM11
Comes with chocolate sauce, choco ball and organic salt
I don't recommend this because the chocolate overpowers the taste of the soft ice cream. The choco ball tastes weird to me and I didn't it. It also smells a lot like chocolate sundae in Mcdonald's.

Milky Shot RM11
The coffee taste slightly overpowers the ice cream. There is a coffee shot inside the ice cream and it is just nice. I recommend this if you are a coffee lover.

Milky Honey RM11 + Salted Caramel Macaroon RM3.50
Natural liquid honey
Since I was a big fan of the Milky Cube, I ordered the Milky Honey to try and I was disappointed. I recommending the Milky Cube over the Milky Honey as this is quite bland. I add on the Salted Caramel Macaroon and it was disappointing, I think it is too hard and crispy and the filling is too sweet.

I really love the soft ice cream with honey and will definitely return for a second round. I personally think it is quite reasonable as they use organic ingredients and the price is almost the same with other yogurt ice creams in the market. In spite of that, I personally think that it is not worth the long wait for my other visits.

Milkcow is located at the Food Area, Lower Ground of the Gardens Mall. It is situated right opposite Cold Storage, you can see the long line right next to the escalator.

Milkcow Malaysia

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