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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oh My! I have waited more than a year for this sale, and it's finally here! I have no idea why they changed the sale from June to December, I was so worried they didn't want to have the sale anymore. If you are a Zara fan, this warehouse sale is perfect to grab awesome goodies for unbeatable price!

The sale starts at 11 but I went at 10.30, I mistaken that it starts on 10. I was the first 50 to went in and everyone starts grabbing clothes already. So excited -___- Don't worry, the sale is till 9th November, 11a.m. - 8p.m., GO NOW!!

Look at the people O.O

Cardigans & Sweaters RM39.90
Females heels RM49.90 - RM69.90
Male shoes RM29.90
Male blazers RM199.90
Shawls RM19.90
Female bottoms RM49.90
T-shirts RM19.90

This year was much smaller compared to last 2-3 years, yes I go every year! However, this year is the first year I spent RM700 because the items are much nicer! Let's see what I got after spending 3 and half hours there :p

Winter Coat for RM99.90, it's so soft and fluffy! BEST BUY EVER!
Only 10 pcs available.
Zara Men Denim Shirt - RM89.90
White Mesh Shirt - RM49.90
Grey & Back Sweater - RM29.90 each
White Lace Top - RM49.90
Accessories - RM19.90 each
Can you believe it? Zara necklace only RM19.90 and the condition still good!
Only 2 available and I manage to grab them :p The original price was RM149.90!
Bottoms - RM49.90 each.
I manage to grab the only one origami skirt, the famous origami shorts in black and black leather and a pair of high waist denim shorts! OMG I waited so long for the origami pants, I remember checking it everytime I visit their stores and it was NEVER on sale T___T
Zara white kitten heels - RM49.90 (Before 149.90)
Zara Men leather shoes - RM29.90 (Before: RM249.00)

Are you in shock?? My boyf didn't want the shoes but I insisted, I mean where can you find Zara shoes for RM29.90? You can't even buy a Bata brand shoes for that price.
Don't worry if you missed today, I saw MANY boxes behind and they will keep refilling them. You may not find all the items I've bought today but you may get nicer stuff if you're lucky!

Zara Warehouse Sale
6th - 9th November 2014, 11a.m. -8p.m.
Event Hall, Level 2, Pearl Point Shopping Center, Old Klang Road
(Above Popular Bookshop)

Get ready to shop & best of luck 

With love, 
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