How to recover deleted, corrupted or loss files?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Before you spend a small fortune on data recovery software, this blog post may help you.

I had a 2 hour nervous breakdown and I almost break my laptop into pieces. This is a lesson for all of us to learn. Seriously, please learn from my mistake!

I was blogging and I did my usual "Cut & Paste" picture transfer from my camera's SD card to my computer. Within a few seconds of transferring, my laptop decided to die on me. I was being all calm and hoped for the best while it restarts itself but unfortunately the files that was in the midst of transferring turn out to be all corrupted. Yes, I died a little inside...
Golden Rule: Do not "Cut & Paste", Copy the files over and delete them only when you're done.


So, I told myself to calm down and search for the ultimate answer from Google. Where else right? And I've gotten so many answers from different websites and forums to download data recovery softwares. Some that are supposedly "free" wasn't free after all the work done and tried downloading all sorts of softwares online, I still couldn't recover anything.

If you've ever lost any personal data, you know how devastating this can be. Imagine going through all the forums and comments and reading replies like "You should have made a backup!", it's like adding salt to an open wound!

When I finally decided to give up and just forget about it. I stumbled on a website with a similar story, and of course they did introduce another software to download! But surprisingly, I've managed to recover all my pictures this time!

So what you need to do when your files are missing, deleted or corrupted?
  • Calm down.
  • Stop using whatever media that contains the missing data - memory card, hard drive, flash drive, or smartphone. Doing so will only overwrite your missing files.
  • Try to right click on that file and click on "restore previous version".
  • If not, download any recovery software or in my case,  Recuva recovery software.
  • Hope for the best!

Yes, Recuva is totally free!! Unlike the others who only provide you free download but charge you for the recovery services, Recuva does not charge you anything to recover your corrupted file and does not need any registration!

Alright, I've saved you a few hundred bucks if you manage to recover your files. Can I get a thank you? If you didn't manage the get your files back, I'm really sorry and I know how it feels like.

Make some backups! 

* FYI, I'm not paid to advertise for them, they really did saved my life!

With love, 
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