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Thursday, August 14, 2014

When I think of Dr. Jart+, the famous BB cream came to my mind. Do you ever wonder what does Dr. Jart+ means? I always thought "Jart" was the name of the doctor but it actually comes from "J" as the founder's first initial and "art" which means creating an individual design and culture based on artist's own sensibility.
Dr. Jart+ is a Korean skincare brand that is well known for their highly-raved BB Cream. With their motto "Not Medicine. It's Derma Cosmetics", Dr. Jart+ hopes to find the solution for beautiful skin through systematic science.

It all began with Dr. J, a dermatologist whose lifelong goal to satisfy his patients ultimately led to the first Dr. Jart breakthrough formulas. It soon evolved into a full line of cosmeceuticals, with a team of 21 dermatologists collaborating in the Dr. Jart Laboratory, working together to break the old concept of primary skincare and include the vision of basic skin recovery and improvement.

BB Bounce Beauty Balm SPF 30PA++ 
The current trend is all about BB cushions and so Dr.Jart+ launched their BB Bounce Beauty Balm with SPF 30PA++! This product claimed to have a unique bouncing-textured beauty balm formula with rich moisturizing and brightening properties.

This beauty balm does not contains parabens, tar dyes, mineral oil, talc, articifical fragrance, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, propylene glycol and petrolatum.

BB Bounce Beauty Balm has 3 main features:
  • Elasticity - A new generation BB balm that comes in solid mesh and has elastic formula that makes skin look firm 
  • Moisturizing and Brightening - Has more than 40% moisturizing ingredients and improves clearer skin with brightening properties
  • Long Lasting - Excellent adhesion and last long for 24 hours without stickiness

This beauty balm does look creamy and may frighten you when you first saw it but it's really very light and thin! What differs this beauty balm from the others is having a Small Finger Puff that adheres like applying the product with a hand. It picks up the right amount to apply on that face and it feels like a second skin instead of a heavy foundation.

DermaClear Micro Water
Recently, there is a hype for micellar waters because its light yet effective! DermaClear is micro active hydrogen water that enable to remove makeup & impurities and tones the face. Not only that, it has galactomyces and mineral ingredient that provide bright and silky skin texture. The product does not have any fragrance at all!

This product also does not contains 10 harmful additives like parabens, tar dyes, mineral oil, talc, articifical fragrance, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, propylene glycol and petrolatum.

V7 Radiance Serum
The V7 series is amazing because it has 7 essential vitamin components! It helps rejuvenates damaged skin and takes cares of skin tones and textures with a more brightening effect. The V7 Radiance Serum has this 7 essential vitamins and radiance capsules that makes skin crystal clear and bright!

I find that one pump of the serum is enough to cover my whole face, a little does go a long way! The serum does give a immediate glowing effect and it doesn't feel sticky at all if you don't over-pump it (Yes, we did tried applying a lot!). This V7 Radiance Serum also has Royal Jelly extract for skin recovery and rejuvenation, it is also suitable for all skin types.

The V7 Radiance Serum contas these 7 vital vitamins:
Vitamin A - Anti-wrinkle, promotion turnover
Vitamin B3 -Brightening
Vitamin B5 - Anti-inflammatory
Vitamin C - Brightening and skin rejuvenate
Vitamin F - Antioxidant
Vitamin H - Anti-inflammatory and preventing skin trouble

The V7 Radiance Serum is also free from all harmful addictives!

Do drop by Dr. Jart+'s kiosk at Sunway Pyramid and check out these products as they are currently having a promotion on their 3 star products. You can get a travel size set for free with every purchase of ONE star product

BB Bounce Beauty Balm - RM129 / 12g
V7 Radiance Serum - RM159 / 50ml
V7 VitaLaser 2.1 - RM159 / 30ml
V7 Relief Vita Drop - price unavailable
Derma Clear Micro Water - price unavailable / 250ml

Dr.Jart+'s products are available at all Sasa outlets and Dr Jart+ Kiosk at Sunway Pyramid: LG1, Lot1.65B.

Dr.Jart+ Malaysia

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