Review: Rich F CUP Cookies (Strawberry)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Are you longing for a slimmer body figure with fuller breats? Want to up a few cup size without surgery? F Cup Cookie is your answer! F Cup Cookie is the hottest beauty supplement gaining popularity in Asia 
F Cup Cookies help to promote growth of mammary gland and increase the fat composition of breasts. They are low in calories and nutritious with 8 essential Amino Acids to help maintain a balanced diet. The new Rich F Cup Cookies are made with 2 times more Pueraria Mirifica than the ordinary F Cup Cookies, thus it provides double the effect of breasts enhancement!

Name: Rich F CUP Cookies in Strawberry
Flavours: Strawberry
Availability: Purchase Online
Price: RM118 per box (HiShop selling at RM150 for two boxes!)
Quantity: 15 pieces per box (Each 20g)
Made In: Japan
Calories: 94kcal per piece

What is Pueraria Mirifica? How does it helps in Breasts enhancement?
Benefits from Pueraria Mirifica: 

Make sure yours is authentic as there are many sellers online, buy only if you see the Gold label sticker!
Consume 1 cookie a day with plenty of water, you can see bits of dried strawberries in the cookie! You may start to notice results in 3 weeks. Fret not, these cookies does not lead to drug dependence.

I have tried half a box of these cookies and I feel that my breasts are firmer than usual. I haven't experience any pain or itchiness. For optimal result, it is recommended to consume for more than 2 months. Once the desired result is achieved, you may stop consuming the cookies.

What I like about this product:
A mild Strawberry taste and slightly sweet
It is quite delicious
Individual packaging makes it very convenient!
I can just eat one and achieve double effect!
One cookie can make you feel full
Perfect snack for those who are binge eaters

What I didn't like about this product:
The cookie is too powdery to my liking


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