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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The popular Seoul-based BBQ franchise, Bulgogi Brothers ignites our tastebuds with the burger revolution that introduces 4 burger variants featuring premium Australian beef bulgogi, Korean pickled vegetables and unique marinades & sauces. I was a bit skeptical about it but I was pretty blown away when I had my first bite.

Are you a Korean culture fan and a burger fan? If you are, this few burgers are made specially for you! This burger revolution is an alternate way to enjoy bulgogi and burgers without compromising the quality and flavours, whilst staying true to it's Korean roots. They use authentic Korean ingredients and secret recipes in the Korean marinade and sauces to produce such unique Korean burgers that will change your perception on ordinary and traditional burgers 

Free side dishes were served upon arrival.

Bulgogi brothers is the only place to savour and indulge in these succulent premium handmade beef burgers served on their homemade charcoal buns! Besides that, these burgers are served with hand-made crispy & crunchy sweet potato chips.

Bibimbap Burger, RM25.90 (Spicy level: Low)
This burger is inspired by Bibimbap, a popular Korean rice dish which has sautéed vegetables, egg and sliced meat. It doesn't look like Bibimbap, but after one bite, I was really shocked that it tastes exactly like Bibimbap minus the rice.

It’s made up of a thick home-made premium beef bulgogi patty (90% meat and 10% beef fat) topped with sprouts, carrots, zucchinis and a sunny side up egg. You get to savour the best of the famous dish's sautéed vegetables and stone pot goodness without eating the rice!

Kimchi Burger, RM22.90 (Spicy level: Mild)
This is definitely a burger made for the Kimchi lovers! Fret not, if you are not a Kimchi lover, you will find yourself loving this burger as well. The balance of Kimchi-ness in this burger is perfectly acceptable for everyone.

The Kimchi Burger is made out of the hand-made premium beef patty, layered with mushrooms, lightly sautéed kimchi, sandwiched between home-made charcoal buns! It wasn't really spicy and I find that the beef patty is more juicy than the Bibimbap burger because it's packed with bits of Kimchi inside. I really like this!

Spicy Gwangyang Burger, RM 25.90 (Spicy level: High)
Named after a famous city in Korea, the spicy Gwangyang is a fiery bite of tender sliced beef brisket, drenched in their famous spicy barbecue-like Osam sauce. It's indeed really spicy and it keeps you wanting more!

This burger is garnished with juicy button mushrooms and onions, along with slivers of melted American cheese, it's kind of the Korean version of Sloppy joe. The sweet, sour and spiciness of the burger really satisfied a spicy lover like me, the heat only hits you at the end. I highly recommend this burger

Unyang Burger, RM28.90 (Spicy level: Zero)
Satisfy your carnivorous cravings with this burger piled high with meat. The Unyang burger is a hefty delight of home-made premium beef patty, layered with American cheese, beef brisket in savoury sauce and garnished with crispy shredded potato sandwiched in a toasted charcoal bun.

For those who are not into spicy food, this burger is really a good choice! I find that the shredded potato and onions is the uniqueness of this burger as it gives a flavorful taste!

I'm pretty sure I will be back to attack those crispy sweet potato chips as I'm really hooked! This burger revolution is definitely a win and I hope they bring in more special burgers into the menu.

Bulgogi Brothers

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