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Monday, May 5, 2014

Ohayo! I am back with a beauty post again This is my first time experimenting with this brand that has a history since 1966, can you believe it? It was also invented by the Fashion designer Mary Quant who is known as “the inventor of the mini skirt." Her innovative fashion sense and designs, unconstrained by conventional thinking, started a major movement not just in her native England, but around the world.
About Mary Quant
Launched in 1966, Mary's colourful, revolutionary cosmetics defied contemporary makeup conventions. Mary proposed the idea of “no-rules makeup": makeup to be enjoyed based on one's favourite colours and mood at the time. Mary's colours have a mysterious ability to complement any outfit, in any era.

The Black Daisy” is the brand symbol of Mary Quant. A black flower, unique in the world, impossible to produce through the power of science; it is the symbol of the freedom fashion designer Mary Quant gave to women, and of the Mary Quant brand which continues to defy convention to create new forms of beauty.

Step by step Make Up by Ms. Takaki:

Step 1: Prepare a clean face and pamper it with a good moisturizer or/and emulsion then a make up base. This will keep your face clear, hydrated and makes it soft. Mary Quant has two make up base:

- Oil Zap is an oil control face makeup base provide a dry, matte finish as if you have applied powder. It prevents makeup from coming off by controlling shine due to the excess sebum. It also renders skin with a fine texture to cover up pores. Use this on the T zone area.

- Moisture Zap is a moisture infusion makeup base that has high moisturizing properties like a beauty serum, it will helps makeup last longer while enhances blood circulation to maintain a brighter skin. Use this on other area of the face, do not overlap it with the Oil Zap.
Step 2: Cover the dark circles by using the Eye Gloss Treatment. It is a eye foundation specially formulated for the delicate & dry prone eye area.  Not only it covers dark circles and dullness, it also helps to brighten the eyeshadow colors.
Step 3: Powder up with the Smoo Make Powder Foundation! This highly moisuturizing foundation controls the light and creates the ideal skin colour, texture and a three-dimensional appearance. It comes in 8 different shades.
Step 4: Seal it with the Mary Quant Loose Face Powder to make skin appear brighter and pores looks finer. The velvety corpuscular powder makes pores and fine line less noticeable while providing a long lasting beautiful finish. It also comes in 4 different shades.
Step 5: Create your perfect brows with Mary Quant Brow Line that comes in 3 shades - Charcoal grey, Chestnut Brown and Camel Brown. It is waterproof!
Step 6: Add some color to your eyes by using the Eye Opener Powder Eye Shadow. They have a wide variety of colours that suits every ocassions and everyone! The texture is velvety and smooth. In this tutorial, we used the 4 colors from the palette on the left.
Ms Takaki helping me with the eyeshadow
Step 7: Line your eyes with the Outline Colour Pencil! It has 19 shades and some can be use on lip liner too. It is also waterproof and impervious to tears and perspiration.
One swipe of the Outline Color Eyeliner, it's quite thin and  perfect for precise drawing.
Step 8: Lengthen your lashes with Mary Quant Action Lashings that comes with MQ's original two-sided coil and chip brush. It features short raised bristles on one side, and the Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara it's elasticity together to create sharp and spectacular long lashes. It also comes with Anti colour-fading effects and waterproofing effect to prevent smudging. It has 7 shades, but I only feauture 6 here.
Light swatches of Action Lashings the on my arm.
Step 9: Puff your cheeks with Mary Quant Blush Baby that has 14 colours to choose from! It has colours from the main pink ones to contouring colours. Blush baby has a velvety finish and gives you a natural glow!

Step 10: Pop some colours to your lips with Mary Quant Moisture Rich Lipstick that comes in 20 shades! I choose the bright red one to create my ombre lips because it was too early to rock a strong red lip!
Step 11: Add a shine to your lips using the Mary Quant ColourShine for Lips. It is available in 8 beautiful shades and it glides on smoothly during application. It doesn't have a weird taste or feels sticky on the lips.
End Product: It's my first time using Yellow & Green eyeshadows! What do you think?

It was a fun experience learning make up tips from Ms. Takaki and experiment with different products from Mary Quant I personally love their mascara which that doesn't clump at all! Mary Quant products are on a higher price range but I personally think that they have a lot unique products that are worth trying!

You can check out Mary Quant products in Muse by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid.

Thank you Manoah & Mary Quant for this event ♥ 

Mary Quant

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