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Sunday, April 6, 2014

I know, I know, I've been posting too much about shopping lately. Guilty as charged, I've been spending so much on shopping because I couldn't resist all the temptations of these babies.

I've always wanted 3ce products and I do not trust these online shops even if they claimed that it's imported from Korea. So since my dad is making a trip to Korea, I quickly send him a list of items I would love to purchase! Yes, my dad is my personal shopper 

Laniege, Natural Republic and some 3ce products!
This Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is really awesome, I use it as my moisturizer every night.
It's really expensive to buy it in KL but Korea is only selling at RM10-RM15!
My favourite sleeping mask, Laneige!
I noticed there is a change in the packaging, the new one is slightly taller compared to the old one.
The spatula has a change as well, the white one is the new spatula! 
*excuse the dirt on the transparent one, I seldom use the spatula >.<*
I've been using Benefit's Hello Flawless Foundation as my sunscreen everyday since I can't stand the stickiness of the BB cream and sunscreen on my face. It's really costly to use the Benefit foundation so I finally got myself a Laneige BB Cushion, it is really light and not sticky at all!
Hello babies! The pink kabuki brush is so adorbs right?
I've gotten a pink creamy eyeliner, kabuki brush, nail dot stick and a make up brush 
Lip stick in Kiss Woo & Lip lacquer in Show Time ♥ 
It's a creamy dark red tone, so happy to add a new tone of red into my collection of lipsticks!
The Lip lacquer has a matte finish and glides on very easily, the colour is bright as well!
Top:  Lip lacquer in Show Time
Bottom: Lipstick in Kiss Woo 
My stylenanda haul was separated into two parts since my dad only went to one branch at Lotte Deparment store and most of their items are out of stock :'( He didn't get me the lipsticks and lip lacquer I wanted. After a few months, my dear friend Maeli flew to Korea and I've finally gotten them with her help!

Thank you my daddy & Maeli 

You can shop online at Stylenanda at http://en.stylenanda.com/
Free shipping worldwide when you purchase above $200 

With love, 
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