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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Sunday I'm so glad it's finally raining as the weather was so hot I was really sick the whole time. I had a critical lower back pain so I cannot sit in front of the computer for long hours, it's getting better after I went for consultation.

I would like to share with you guys my EM Cosmetics haul from their black friday sale! I waited so long to purchase these babies because they were so expensive! I was so happy when she announced the black friday promotion, I took the chance to purchase some items I was drooling over!
For every purchase, you will be entitled to 2 sample.
The current promotion is 10% off your first order & 1 Sample.

Hello from Michelle :D 
The boxes have a designed background inside as well, so pretty!
First item: Chiaroscuro in light; USD15 - RM50.30 (NP: USD25)
Of course I will take this chance to try out her famous contour and highlighter stick to obtain the "3 sec nose job" effect! I was dying to try it out ever since she introduced this product.
Every product has a "story", a brief description at the side of the box.
I didn't feel that the packaging is that bad, at least it doesn't feel cheap.
This product does not have a label on the outside, I find it quite troublesome! I need to always remind myself that the side which has the "m" on the logo means contour :'(
As you can see, the highlighter labeling is inside.
Second item: Creamy Colour Classic Lipstick in Don't Tell Mum; USD6.5 - RM22 (NP: USD16.50)
I've been checking out the reviews on YouTube before I made my purchase and a few beauty gurus recommended it! I really like the lipstick as it is has a great texture, creamy and amazingly pigmented. The packaging is actually metal, not plastic like people assumed based on the white color. It feels pretty nice in your hand, I feel the price point is spot on here. 
A pretty pink colour right?? 
Third Item: The Great Cover Up in Light Neutral/Cool; USD9 - RM30.20 (NP: USD19)
I wouldn't let go this wonderful chance to pick up one of the highly raved products from EM Cosmetics right? I had a hard time choosing my skin colour, and this is a reason why I prefer to buy my cosmetics over the counter.
I'm not very good in ounces and so I was surprised when I received this! Isn't it too small?
Your shade will be stated at the back on the tube.
It took more than 1 month for these babies to arrive. EM Cosmetics mixed up the orders and one of the item had to be exchanged, it was during the Christmas season and everything was delayed. Thank you my dear friend Roxanne for helping me out with these purchases, I felt really bad because she had to do all these purchases, make calls and redirect them to me. EM Cosmetics was only available in the US, and they don't accept paypal or foreign credit cards :'(

EM Cosmetics Sale:  $10 off $30, $20 off $50, or $50 off $100
I purchase these products with my friends to hit the $50 off target, thus we each get $10 off each product!

Anyway, EM Cosmetics finally offers international shipping and you can pay by paypal(they only accept international credit cards from Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, and United Kingdom).

My shopping experience with EM Cosmetics:
As these products was purchase during their black friday sale, EM Cosmetic took 3 weeks to deliver them due to the overwhelming website orders! I was curious why my parcel took so long and I realized I was not the only one as there were lots of complaints on their facebook page. I think they should improve their customer service so that customers can have a smooth shopping experience.

*I will do a full review for the products upon request, let me know which item you are interested!

The normal price for these products are stated according to the old EM Cosmetics pricing.
Prices are in the rate of USD3.35 according to Paypal's rate.

EM Cosmetics
Website: http://www.emcosmetics.com/

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