GUESS Luxe Leather Handbag Launch @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hello, I'm currently on a break due to exam period but I'm still updating a few October events.  I attended this event on mid October but was waiting for the Official Photographer's pictures! I was invited to this event thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia, I am so excited because it was my first GUESS event!

GUESS Luxe presents a range of exclusive leather handbags that complements the wardrobe of a contemporary, urban chic woman with femininity and a touch of romanticism. A fusion of design and accessible luxury, this collection offers a range of sophisticated handbags with European design and refined details that is a wonderful blend of elegance and style to give an extra flair to everyday ensembles.

The GUESS Accessories Store at Gardens

With the usual butterflies  Everyone looks so pretty in white!
PRIMROSE Medium Flap Bag in Amethyst, the colour is so unique and gorgeous!
PRIMROSE Mini Flap Bag in Black

Pre-Spring 2014

Simplicity is the key for the Pre-spring 2014 season in the GUESS Luxe leather handbag collection. The two key collections for this season are Tilda and Golden Cage.

TILDA Box Satchel Bag 
TILDA Clutch Bag in Light Peach & Black
GOLDEN CAGE Collection
GUESS handbags have matching shoes as well :)
More & more pretty bags!
Me and Angeline checking out the bags :D
Two of my favourite choices!

Activities of the Night

GUESS prepared a sexy dance performance for us before they introduce the bags in detail. It was really entertaining and the dancers were so energetic! We also had an Instagram contest but sadly I didn't win it :( 

Dancers with the GUESS Luxe Leather Handbags, Hot & Sweet?
Emcee introducing the TIMELESS Box Satchel Bag held by one of the dancer, Sherlyn.
With My babes 
Innanie Ariffin & Frankie Rose Uni
A group picture :)
I must say GUESS Luxe has a wide range of gorgeous bags, I am in love with a few pieces! Anyway, I wanna thank  Swee San for saving my life because I left my SD card at home, she had an extra to lend it to me if not I wouldn't have pictures for this post ♥ 

*Pictures that are not watermarked by me are from The Butterfly Project & GUESS.


Store Listings
GUESS Boutiques
Suria KLCC - 1st Floor | Lot 125-126
Pavillion - 2nd Floor | Lot 2.56
Mid Valley - Ground Floor | Lot 94-96
One Utama - Ground Floor | Lot G348-350
Sunway Pyramid - Ground Floor | Lot G1.53-1.55

GUESS Accessories Boutiques
Pavillion - 3rd Floor | Lot 3.53
The Gardens - 1st Floor | Lot F228
One Utama - Ground Floor | Lot G128A
Sunway Pyramid - Ground Floor | Lot G1.46-1.47

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