Kiss Me Under The Sun @ Sunway Lagoon

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

After soooo many years, I finally got a chance to visit Sunway Lagoon all thanks to Kiss Me & Manoah Consulting! It was a BFF event and of course I did bring along my twinnie  This event starts at 8 so we all have to wake up extra early and come with bare faces! 

Registered ourselves and got our access bands!

With all my cray cray babes 
After we all registered ourselves, Kiss Me Staff ushered us to the locker area to store our belongings. We got ready and we also literally spammed sun block all over our body to prepare for the hot burning sun! We were then directed to a place to put on Kiss Me's waterproof make up before we start our activities.

This area is restricted to Kiss Me event only! 

Make up with BFF time 
We all got all dolled up and the emcee was giving a brief explanation about our activities.
Let The Games Begin!

All the girls are divided into groups of four. I knew about it beforehand so I already got my team members while the others were still picking their team. My team members were Charmayne, Angeline and Alice! Since Alice was the person standing in front, she was chosen as the team leader. Before we were given our tasks, we need to jump into the pool and pick up a bottle of Sunkiller!
Alice tried her best to swim as fast as possible *cheers to her*
Got our Sunkiller and everyone started spamming it again!
Surprisingly it's not sticky, I feel comfortable putting all over my body :)
We gotten our envelops and it's time to start our race to complete as many tasks within 1 and a half hours. We were checking out the clues while the other teams fled so quickly.
Check out my fake tattoos drawn by Kiss Me's liquid eyeliner!

  • First Stop: Vuvuzela
  • Second Stop: Pick up puzzle pieces from a tank filled with African Cockroach *eww*
  • Third Stop: Pirate Ship
  • Fourth Stop: Scream Park
  • Fifth Stop: Waterplexx 5D

We only managed to finish 5 tasks because the place was so crowded and we didn't get to cut lines :'( We also wasted some time searching for certain places. We had a lot of fun running around and shouting our war cry like crazy peeps.

Pampering Session

We were given some time to wash up and the Kiss Me team prepared a pampering section with food, manicure and makeover session! It feels so good to be pampered after going through such a vigorous activity.

Kiss Me's Sunkillers!
Props for the Photobooth Section!

Free Manicures!

We were given a short speech and they also announced the winners for the race. Unfortunately my team didn't win even though we were the first 5 to arrive at the ending point :( We were already satisfied with our great teamwork!

Aside from a goodie bag, Kiss Me team also prepared a lucky draw for us! I got the Loose Powder and Charmayne got an eyeliner pencil. 

A rare pic of my empty face 
Our make up did not smudge after the water activities and all the running around, I am impressed!
Group photo - Spot my red hair!

It was really a fun day under the sun with all the people! Everyone is indeed very friendly, helpful and cooperative throughout the whole event. We received so many goodies from Kiss Me and I can't wait to try them out! I really enjoyed having all these outdoor activities 

Kiss Me

With love, 
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