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Monday, September 9, 2013

There is nothing as sweet and romantic as receiving a bouquet of roses, what more walking into a garden of fresh roses. The house of Chloé had returned to the perfume market with a rose scent simply called Chloé Eau de Parfum. The fragrance was first launched in 2008, it was then followed by a few more successful launch of different versions. Today, this unique rose is celebrating five years of success and elegant variations.
Picture credit: Beauty Byted
"The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart."

Picture credit: Beauty Byted
From the Eau de parfum, introduced in 2008 to L'eau de Chloé launched in 2012, the rose unveils it's various facets. Uninhibited and less precious than its predecessors, the Chloé rose has defined an olfactory territory with a unique personality. Airy, Luminous, Subtle, it inspires a new variation composed by perfumers Michel Almairac and Mylène Alran.

This is their signature EDP, it's more femine and strong compared to Rose De Chloé EDT.
Picture credit: Beauty Byted
Gentle, light and graceful, this new fragrance tries to capture a walk down the Parisian rose gardens. It includes fresh notes of bergamot at the beginning of the composition, developing into essence of damask rose accompanied by magnolia that gives a modern touch. Then, on the skin, the trail of white musk and amber, the signature of the Chloé house.

Like blush that enhances the cheeks, the bottle is enlaced with a blush pink ribbon. Faithful to the silhouette of the iconic Eau de Parfum by Chloé, the luxurious glass bottle is crowned with a silver top and transparent cap. The juice, in a tender rose hue, expresses itself delicately & elegantly. The whole packaging is sweet yet so preciously loved!

Prices of EDT:
30ml – RM 198
50ml– RM 293
75ml – RM 360

Other products:
Shower gel 150ml – RM 150
Body lotion 150ml – RM185
Deodorant 100ml – RM135

* These collection will be available in stores in October 2013

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