Thailand 2013 : Day 1 - Pattaya

Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's been 3 weeks since I came back from my 7 Days 7 Night Thailand and I'm still having my Thailand Withdrawal Syndrome ♥ I'm in love with that place, I seriously don't mind going there every year! It's my third time in Thailand but it's my first time flying out of the country with my friends (except my primary school trip to Singapore). This is also my first time blogging about my Thailand trip so I have a lot to share with you guys!

I booked my air ticket one year in advance during Air Asia free flight, so everything including tax and baggage except meal only cost me RM190 for a round trip. I know it's mad cheap right? :D It was suppose to be a getaway trip with my college mates but some drama came up and ended up some last minute change of partners. It cost almost RM400 for those two who decided to join! :'(

Bye Bye Malaysia :)
We arrived at Don Mueang Airport quite late and were searching for food. Since we need to take the bus to Pattaya, we had two options which is to stay there or take a bus from Suvarnabhumi airport. So we took a shutter bus for free to Suvarnabhumi airport to search for our supper.

*Free Shutter bus last call at 12.00 a.m., just show your passport and you can board! 
Duration: 40 minutes

We finally settle down in Black Canyon Coffee to have our supper, there are too many restaurants to choose from so we randomly picked this. The price is slightly expensive and the food was just oh-kay.

Coconut Milk Tom Yum with Macaroni
Seafood Tom Yum with Wan Tan Mee
Green Curry Chicken with Rice
Pad Thai (Thailand's Fried Kuey Teow)

Found this weird looking Minute Maid Pulpy, it's actually white grapes flavour!
My friend bought it to try because we didn't have this in Malaysia.
The colour is unacceptable for me but it doesn't taste weird at all!
How to go to Pattaya by bus from: 
Suvarnabhumi Airport 
Look for "SUVARNABHUMI – PATTAYA" Counter [ Roong Reuang Coach Co Ltd]
Board the bus at Level 1 Gate 7-8, counter opens at 7:00a.m.
Only allow 20kg baggage for free, extra charges for extra weight applies.
Bus will leave every hour, Fare 134Baht/person, Duration: 1-2 hours depending on traffic.

Don Mueng Airport 
Look for “DON MUEANG – MO CHIT BUS” signage, take the A1 bus.
Last station will be the Mo Chit – Bangkok Bus Terminal. Cost: 30 Baht per person.
At Mo Chit bus terminal, buy tickets to Pattaya , Fare 177 Baht/person, Duration: 2 hours ++

Taxi fare: Around 1200 Baht/trip
The crew will direct you to your bus and they will arrange your luggages at the boot.
This coach is actually not that bad, the sits are actually very spacious and comfortable with head rest.
We have lots of space for our legs as well since we don't have to keep our luggage with us.

I booked Sabai Resort in Pattaya since it's affordable and it is situated next to Big C Supermarket. It cost around RM100 per night and the resort has a small swimming pool. It's clean and comfortable, definitely suit my requirements and budget.

The waiting area at the lobby
We checked in our rooms with ease, the staff are very friendly and helpful to us.

First thing we do after checked in is to search for food, how can we come to Thailand without savouring the samurai pork burger at McD & also the egg tarts at KFC! I am not a big fan of fast food but I love eating them in Thailand.

KFC, MCD, Pizza Hut & Subway is only 5 minutes away from our Hotel, it's really convenient to search for food at night. For those who wants a "fun ride", there is a massage/spa next door & pubs on the opposite road!

Is it me or is the fast food taste much better in overseas compared to Malaysia?

This taste like Mentos :/
We visit Central Festival and cancelled our trip to Coral Island because we have not enough time to spend in Pattaya. We didn't spend time on the beach as they are having construction and the beach is kinda dirty. For those who wanna enjoy hanging out on the beach can take a boat to Coral Island!

We ate Swensens here because the waitresses are much more cuter in their uniform in Thailand :)

Pattaya in the evening :)

We went to visit a few more places before we went for the famous Walking Street in Pattaya, it's the place to look for pussy ping pong/tiger shows. Those girls will dress in skimpy clothes to attract customers, it's a good experience to check it out.

My favourite seafood salad  
Fried Insects??

If you followed my Instagram, you would have already watch me being thrown up in the sky.
It cost RM50/person and RM30 for the one disc.
Location: End Of Walking Street
It was quite a great experience being thrown up with high speed, but slowly you will feel very dizzy as it goes back and forth.
I think we have this in Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia as well.

I will have to separate my Thailand Trip into different posts because I have too many pictures. Most of the pictures were taken with my friend, LT as she was the official photographer since my babywhite was in the hospital :(

*Pictures are from Google unless watermarked by me

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