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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hie guys, I'm finally back with fashion post I've promised Milktee for this post for sooooo long and I'm really sorry they have to wait this long for it.

Milktee Clothing
Milktee® gathers amazing designers clothing around the region so people can discover, buy and love them. They even offer accessories and bags!

I was given a top from Milktee during the Nuffnang Fashion Fabulous gathering and I fall in love with the top once I wore it! It's really so soft and comfortable, it's perfect for a hot and humid weather like Malaysia. It's really versatile, I can easily to match with all kinds of styles.

I really like how Milktee team are, all my clothes were wrapped neatly in the zipper storage bag and they even gave me a small gift. It was such a surprise and it made me very happy receiving small items like this. They really know how to make their customers happy!

Milktee Modal Long Sleeve Basics - RM39
Available in White, Red, Black, Blue and Green

Their tops are exclusively produced by them and it's really worth the price for the quality! It's not see through at all I recycled the top for many of my events, such as chilling with Jimmy Choo's Flash and SHILLS Product Launch. I even wore them to my classes because I feel so comfy in them!

The navy blue top was my second piece already, I soaked the tee for too long and the colour faded :( I email Milktee team and I got a call the next day to enquiry about my tee! I received my basic tee a day after the call and they didn't charge me even though I offered to pay them back. I felt so bad because it was my fault. I'm so touched and I can't believe how great is their customer service!

I used to shop a lot online and most often I ended up being disappointed because the clothing isn't what I expected :( Milktee definitely didn't let me down by providing good quality clothes and service ♥♥ *thumbs up*

** Do not soaked the tops for too long, colour may fade. Other than that, normal wash wouldn't cause colour too fade, no worries!

Milktee have variety of clothings from casual, dressy to formal. Definitely there is something good for everyone, no matter what kind of style you are!

Price ranging from RM20 onwards

No doubt they are one of the best blogshops in town, no regrets purchasing with their excellent service and super quick delivery! 

Milktee Clothing

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