CN BLUE Blue Moon Tour Live in Malaysia 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I was living in paradise for the past 3 hours, experiencing CN Blue singing live was just awesome! My dream came true thanks to Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting CN Blue members are just so handsome and their live performance is mind blowing!

I arrived at almost 6 p.m. and it was so crowded at the entrance. I met Caroline and spent the whole night with her! Charmaine and Frankie Rose Uni came later to join the fun :D 

Koujee Beatbox did the opening for CN Blue!
His performance is so swag Such a talented artist!
Blue Moon is here   
Jung Hyun - Guitarist
Min Hyuk - The Drummer
Jung Shin - Bass Guitarist

Yong Hwa - The leader :D

When YongHwa sang "Love Light", everyone took out the paper hearts and the whole stadium was filled with pink hearts. It was so dreamy and romantic, I'm so touched!

Yong Hwa on the piano!

Halfway through the concert, Yong Hwa was so excited till he broke his guitar strings so they have to go in for a break :D They went in to change and head out for another round of awesomeness!

During the last few songs, the fans took out another banner and wave again! It's very touching when everyone can cooperate so well :)
Froggy Yong Hwa is cute

The place was filled with confetti, I wanna cry already because it feels like snowing!!
The boys bidding their goodbye and gave all of the fans a 90 degree bow 
It's such a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so going to regret if I didn't attend their concert! They are indeed one of the best boy bands in Korea and they gave us such a great show *applause*

The few songs they sang were Hey You, I'm A Loner, Love Girl, I'm Sorry, Lalala and Try Again, Smile Again, too many to list them down. You can check them on the fan page, they have the song list :) If you haven't heard them before, please do so and listen now ♥ 

With The Girls <3

Thank you Malaysia BOICE for being together :)

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