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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hello! I'm turning my blog into a food blog soon, so many nice place to share with you guys!  I came here last month to celebrate my bubbz birthday, I am actually really excited to dine here cause I'm in love with western breakfast !

Milk and Butter is situated opposite the famous La Bodega and Antipodean Bangsar, you will have a hard time searching for parking in Telawi area so I suggest to just park at Bangsar Village II and walk over there.

Honey Milk
I don't like it at all, the type of milk and honey does not mix well.
Egg Benedict with Smoke Salmon, RM16
Brioche bread, saute asparagus, poached egg, smoke salmon & hollandaiseThe yellow sauce is kinda buttery salty taste, it goes well with the egg benedict
Egg Benedict with Turkey Ham, RM16
Brioche bread, saute asparagus, poached egg, turkey ham & hollandaise
Premium Assembly, RM17 *Recommended*
Chicken Chipola sausage, sunny side up, tomato, French toast, saute mushroom & grill mashed potato
I love this compared to Antipodean's big breakfast, everything is so juicy! The only that I didn't like is the saute mushrooms are not juicy and it's so small. The best saute mushrooms I had is at Antipodean
Scramble Egg, Slice Chicken Bratwurst & Potatoes Platter, RM17 *Recommended*
Served with toast, hashbrown, turkey hams, roast sweet potato
Really yummy, this is really good and I think it's worth more than the one above.
Same price but bigger portion.
Seafood Crepes in Saffron Cream with Hollandaise, RM22 (Alcohol)
Mussel, prawn, scallop, squid, crab stick & egg crepes
I tried a little and I don't like it, the seafood smell is really strong.
I think Milk and butter is more spacious than Antipodean and it was not crowded as well. I felt more comfortable there, we can relax and have chat with our friends. Imagine people staring at your table when they wait for their turn?? I would want to leave as soon as possible.

Milk and Butter also have personalized cakes for birthday, wedding and celebrations. I saw a few cakes on the table and it was quite pretty! :)

Rating: 4/5

Will I visit again? Definitely yes! I want my Premium Assembly 

Milk and Butter
25G Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar 59100 KL Malaysia
03-2201 9869
Open: Monday-Friday 10am-11pm,
Saturday-Sunday 8am-11pm
Pork free

Instagram: @carolyntay

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