Benefit Boutique Launch @ 1 Utama

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Greetings, I just came back from the Benefit Boutique Launch at 1 Utama, it was such a great event with so much fun and laughter. Congratulations on your first boutique!! I would like to thank Angeline for inviting me along, without her I won't be able to attend this exclusive event! :) *hugs&kisses*

We were greeted by friendly staff and hawt hunks at the entrance, they gave us a brief explanation of the facilities they had prepared for us. They prepared a photo booth, poloraid cameras and lots of finger food and beverages! Instead of aiming all that, we went in straight to check out the cosmetics. I was so happy to see so many Malaysian Artists there, they were so close to us *Fan Mode On*. 

Hawt hunk no.1 at the reception 

Spotted hawt hunk no.2 :) Look at the crowd !!

Pretty cupcake <3
Finger food :D

Guess who's sexy back??
I met Amber Chia again, she is so humble and down to earth. She is a mummy but yet look so great.  We talked a few times and she offered to take pictures of me and Angeline when we were self-capturing :)  Aww, such a sweet person! She also shared a few beauty tips with us!! 
I recognize the models, they are the same models as the Forever 21's Flagship store launch at Mid Valley.
You can read it here.

Awal Ashaari :) So handsome!! *screams*

Scha Alyahya! She is so pretty :')

Megan from 8tv, very sweet girl and so petite!! 

I look so short between the models :(
Amber Chia :)
* Angel's mummy closed her eyes 
To be honest, this is my first time visiting Benefit's store/counter. I heard so many good comments about this brand and always thought that it was too "pricy". I finally get a chance to experience this tonight and I think I'm changing my cosmetics to Benefit after this!!

I told the sales assistant about my problems, they were all very helpful even though they are very busy with other customers. I was given a step by step tutorial by the sales assistant, she was so patient with me as I think I asked too many question. Benefit's customer service is the best!!  

After tonight, I don't think Benefit's cosmetics are too pricy anymore, I always have a wrong perception towards them. They have so many varieties of cosmetics and I tried a few just now. I can't deny I actually fell in love with Benefit already! I recommend those Benefit virgins like me to start with the starter kit, you can visit their store/counter and request to try it out. I know they would definitely satisfy your needs :) *hint*

Starter kit, RM115.
This is the perfect combination for peeps who wants a natural look with minimal make up. 

Services offered by Benefit, I want to try it but I just DIY shape my own brow :'(
* Benefit is offering free brow shaping in your birthday month, just show your IC and you're entitled  to it!
You can book your appointment now! 

Received RM100 voucher in the goodie bag, so I spent it on my first benefit starter kit :)

Goodie bag with my haul from Benefit.

Thank you Benefit Cosmetics and Angeline for such a wonderful night.

Top: Online boutique
Bottom: H&M Skater skirt
Shoes: Cotton On
Accessories: Pandora & Fossil watch
Bag: Gucci

For more information, visit Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia Facebook Page!! 

xox, c

Instagram: @carolyntay

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