Corgi's Shoeholics Anonymous Event @ Publika

Monday, September 17, 2012

"Be elegant. Be bold. Be stylish."
- Corgi Fashion-

Holla ! As expected, yesterday I went to Publika for the Corgi's event with Angeline & Mandy, I really want to thank Corgi for the special invitation! It was an honour to experience this wonderful celebration and also given a chance to preview Corgi's latest collection. I have to apologize for the blurry pictures as I brought along my baby Canon IXUS 85IS only, forgive him as he is very old already :'(

We arrive at Publika about 1 something and we were given notice that the event has to be delayed for some time due to technical problem. We took this chance to walk around and took pictures, so that explains a few random pictures in this post! I think Publika is an awesome place to take photoshoots, I love the whole concept there although it is kinda quiet around.

My signature on the signature board for guests, I'm so proud ;) *ahem*

A little surprise as a gift from Corgi, I love it <3

We are served with free flow of cocktails & mocktails, my favourite was Sexy Corgi a.k.a Sex On The Beach! The environment inside the black box was so cosy and the latest collection was display around 4 "live" models. Corgi's staff was also very friendly and helpful, they was always there to assist us.

We were there so early because we looking for a big bargain and I was also so prepared to splurge but too bad the sales items doesn't have my size. They have so many stock, but Y ME HAVE BIG FEET? SCREW MY BIG FEET ! >:( Anyway, Corgi also prepared a photoshoot session for customers, they also brought in brands like SPICY COLOUR & A.L.L.I.E.N ♥ 

Their "live" models wearing the latest collection, I love the whole outfit!

I love this clutch & Mary Jane Pumps, the pumps are so "dolly" and yet edgy,
it can go well with many different outfits :) I have the same pair !! 
A few display items, I realized the staff change the display items after some time.
They have varieties of items from funky, casual, formal to the hot diva party look!  
50% OFF ! Who doesn't love sales?
So many designs to choose, I found so many I adore but Y NO SIZE 38?! :(
Sexy Corgi ;)
Passion for Fashion & True Blue Shoe-lover !

Top: Apee & Forever21
Bottom: Mirrorcle @ Fahrenheit 88
Accessories:  Fossil watch, mum's vintage belt & thrifted
Bag: Gucci
Yes, if you are wondering, we wore the same pair of shoes we bought together 10 million years ago :)

The Last Podka @ The Bees :D Nutella tasted like heaven !
Poking the maid :p
 Please remind me to loose some weight :(
We were rushing home as Angeline had some errands to run, I want to thank my girls for being there with me & we all had a great day in Publika :") I realized I missed a few designs from the latest collection but I will go and visit their store at Publika some day! I hope to see more new designs, and congratulations on your one year anniversary! Big love xx

Corgi Fashion

xox, c

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