Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Monday, July 2, 2012

Last saturday, I went to catch the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie in Mid Valley Megamall. I'm often there since it is near and it is also a good place to shop with all my favourite shops around.

In my opinion, this movie wasn't that bad, I think it requires a lot of disbelief if you know about the history of Abraham Lincoln. It was actually weird putting Mr. Abraham Lincoln and vampires together. I personally think they both don't go well together, a bad mashup. Anyway, some parts of the movie is ridiculous and fake, especially when Abraham was chasing the vampire - Jack Barts *spoiler*

Overall, I think the movie was too serious, not even a single humour could be found. I know it's fiction but Abraham was such a respectable hero who fought for the human rights in reality, in this movie he was only doing it to stop the vampires from feeding on humans. In this movie, I also learn from Abraham and Henry that we all should always have a second plan in case we failed the first one :)

"Until all men are free, we are all slaves."

Movie duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Movie rating: 5/10

xox, c

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