Project 01 ; DIY Galaxy Shoes

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm a humongous fan of galaxy print, but I can't seem to find galaxy printed tops and shoes that are affordable and pretty at the same time :'(

To all the galaxy lovers out there, I hope this will guide you thru your own DIY Galaxy Shoe.

Things to prepare:
Acrylic paint - Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Red/Yellow (Optional)
Tiny paintbrush
New or old shoes (Black or Dark blue background)
Empty plate
Duct tape or normal tape

First, remove the shoelaces and wrap the shoe sole with tape if your shoe sole is white colour like mine. After you prepare the colours on plate, with a sponge just gently spread the different colours all around. (Tip: Pink blends well in between of blue and purple) 

Left: With stars ; Right: Without stars

It will turn out something like this, don't worry if it looks weird and messy. If you are not satisfied or you did a mistake, just continue blending different colours, it will be okay.

After you obtain a satisfied background, take white paint and draw stars and small dots all over. (Tip: Little dots(stars) are important to obtain the galaxy look) 

My result
This is with flash, I took a picture of it 5 seconds ago and the lighting in the room is bad :'(

Do comment about my DIY galaxy shoes or your experience doing one! Any more questions, please feel free to ask me. 

Ps; I have no idea whether this is waterproof, but acrylic paint on skin washes off easily with water.

Good day :)

My blog is still under construction, please bare with the emptiness :)

xoxo, c

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